GENE, an artists' studio/gallery

GENE's art studio gallery is located in the historic downtown Santa Ana's Artist Village, in the basement of the Santora Building at 2nd and Broadway. The 600sqft gallery hosts the monthly Art Walk, currently rated as the best artwalk in Orange County.


Sacred jewelry has always been an inspiration to me, both energetically and spiritually. It's only natural that many people have asked for my jewelry, either glass or sacred stones. I love making and energizing mala's with the same energy I create my paintings with. 

Geisha Series

The ancient art of geisha, living art. I can paint these for the rest of my life and never be satisfied with coming close to the artistry and honor these Japanese artist put into their lives.


Some time ago I came across a project that consisted of a bunch of old windows to be constructed as walls to a greenhouse. I thought that it would make a great glass blowing studio, so I went and picked it up. The windows turned out to be over a hundred years old and I loved their look, feel and story they told. After building it, I had several left over and noticed that they were very interesting in their construction as their weathered frames mimicked framed art.

Glass Work

I am still getting 'wet' with glass. The trick with glass is finding the time to focus on it. Then it becomes a series of burns, breakage and awesomeness. I love creating with glass and hope to make a lot more soon.

Music in Motion

Music in Motion is a tribute to what moves me. I don't ever paint without music. Ever. There is a rhythm to life that is music. Music is the sound made when two souls rub together.


Koi. I love them. I raise them and they are living , swimming and shimmering works of art. The Japanese believe for second that the koi captures your attention, you are present in that moment and free from all worries of life’s distractions, if only for a moment. I have found them to be the most interesting muse of my journey thus far. I have a pond (which constantly begs to grow larger), with several amazing koi. They eat, alot! My friend Ben, who owns the local koi shop, calls them ‘pigs with fins!”


Since opening Sanctuary Creative Arts in San Juan Capistrano, CA, I came to terms that I was in horse country. There is something majestic and spiritual about horses. Unlike dogs, who are very expressive, the horse is more mystical.

Intimate Energy Series

The ‘Intimate Energy’ series is an ongoing conversation with the feminine spirit within me. For the life of me, I am captured by the female of our species. The vibrational life energy that they exist at is nothing short of inspiring and moves me at a level that nothing else can.

Warriors Series

The Warrior Series changed everything. What started as an inner desire to find my warrior spirit has evolved into an expression of my primal self. With every warrior painted, I experience a part of me, a part of us all, coming to life for mere survival and an honor that teters on the brink of insanity and humbled compassion.

The Original Series

My Original Series is what I consider a development of my style and my learning to paint with 'energy'. As I grew into myself, I started seeing how every thought, gesture and feeling became my art and I was finally showing the world what I was seeing.

The Honored Ones Series

A tribute to tribes and cultures that our world seems to determined to be rid of. I am not. I doubt I will let them go quietly into history. Their wisdoms were meant to be a part of the world for all time.

Graphic Design

Gene Jimenez is an award winning graphic designer and multi-media specialists with project management, team leadership, corporate and start-up experience. He is a 20 year veteran of brand design and development with a flair for ‘outside the lines’ creativity and innovative graphic solutions.

Web Design

An experienced designer in websites and brand building. Creative Director for 2 'Website of the Year Awards'. Primarily a Joomla designer, but can work in any format needed.

iPhone Cases Available

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